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R E D & W H I T E Now available (UK Only)

The Story

Passion, intelligence, creativity, ambition and luxury echo us. Nothing is impossible, we wanted to test the limits, exploit the unbelievable and create something the world never thought possible.


We are proud to announce and present the worlds very first, 0% Volume, ZERO alcohol, Halal approved, certified and unique method patented Wine range, give Salaam (Arabic greeting) to Kevser Tabak™ (Derived from the arabic meaning, spring of Wine)


For everyone who wants to stay mentally and physically fit and still have fun. We have created non-alcoholic Wine for sportsmen and women, drivers, the health conscious and the nutritionally conscious, pregnant women, senior citizens and religious observers who are restricted. Unknown to many, Wine without alcohol has been in existence for more than a 100 years and it was introduced to the market in the last 20 years. As it contained 0.5% alcohol it meant that religious observers were not able to enjoy Wine.


We are extremely excited to reveal, the worlds very first and only, complete 0% Volume, ZERO alcohol wine range. Our unique and exclusive patented method makes it real wine and not unprocessed grape juice. All our wine range is also fully Halal approved and certified by ICRIC (Islamic Chamber Research & Information Centre) passing the highest possible and strictest legislation.


Our very high quality and unique Halal Wine range will be available exclusively within the UK in all 50 cities, at establishments who share our vision, passion and the very highest levels of excellence and luxury.


Wine has so many health benefits, especially now without any alcohol. Research has proven that Wine lowers cholesterol levels and helps to fight against heart disease. As our Halal Wine contains less than half the calories compared to alcoholic Wine, we believe this to be great news for weight watchers, and beneficial in inhibiting arteriosclerosis. Clinical research also indicates that Wine lowers the risk of cancer. Religions and different cultural groups often have rules relating to alcohol consumption. In some cases alcohol is banned, in others, only very moderate consumption is acceptable, not any more.


Now, our Halal Wine, brings you the option to sip a fine glass of Rosé, Merlot and Riesling. Why not celebrate by popping the cork with a Sparkling variant, minus all the effects of alcohol. Formally restricted people with sophisticated taste and food compatibility requirements, can now also experience status that only a quality beverage, like ours, can provide. A high quality drink that will compliment any need, celebration, occasion and event. Cooking with Wine is another one of the many opportunities our Halal Wine range can bring you, the transition is yours to discover. To be enjoyed by the whole family, drink with friends or alone, relax.

Go on, Drink something new™.

At last, a true alternative to enjoy.

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