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Corporate Philosophy Of Kevser Tabak™

A true alternative by drinking something new, with the attention to the very last drop.

That's our creed and our motivation.

A True Alternative

The unswerving commitment to a true alternative unites us. We see our unique non-alcohol wine as a calling and try to distinguish ourselves through quality. We work on minute measurements, to create a non-alcohol wine without any trace of alcohol at all. Of course, this level of quality and attention to the very last drop has its price, but the very best is always a bit more expensive.

Drink Something New™

We have created something new with our own quality standard: The Kevser Tabakô Standard. The standard is very high and we will always strive to keep it there. Of course there are some other alcohol-free wines out there, but we are not one of them. We are Kevser Tabakô, our true love. We do everything we do because we believe in it. This sets us apart from the rest, to the attention to the very last drop.

The Very Last Drop

In our business, trust is critical. Some clients who put their life beliefs in our hands, depend 100% on us. Our unique non-alcohol wine is made under very strict exacting conditions and it goes through a number of religious and technical examinations before being certified and approved as halal. Our clients have sophisticated flavour, food compatibility requirements and needs that only a quality beverage like Kevser Tabakô can provide. These are only a few of many of its uses, the transition is yours to discover.

Go on, why compromise? Be eloquent.