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FAQs About The Non-Alcoholic Wine Kevser Tabak™

What does the name, 'Kevser Tabak™', mean?

The name, 'Kevser' refers to a Surah (Chapter) In the Quran. The Sura speaks of a spring of wine.

Which Islamic Body has certified the wine, 'Halal'?

We have been working in close consultation since 2008 with Halal Quality Control (HQC) and Islamic Chamber Research & Information Centre (ICRIC) and succeeded in passing, getting approved and obtaining the certification. The halal boards had many demands before they gave us a certification. An extra demand to get halal certificate was, for example, the extreme high levels of hygiene regulations.

What made you come up with the concept non-alcohol wine 0.0%?

Our journey began at the request of people who did not drink any alcohol and Muslims, for get together's, dinners, weddings and when dining with colleagues. Research showed a large majority of people particularly Muslims did not have a fine high quality luxury drink to consume and to pair with various foods and therefore we wanted to offer a drink which was completely non-alcohol at 0.0% as well as halal certified, so we went to extra lengths to challenge this.

How can I be sure the non-alcohol wine does not contain any alcohol?

We have studied the process/s of making alcohol-free wines for many years and then through a new unique strict monitored technical process, which we have patent/s for, we have created a method that creates non-alcohol wine at 0.0% undergoing an exaggerated process which is halal approved and certified.

Who is Kevser Tabak's target market?

Our target market is not only world-wide Muslims, but its more extensive. For everyone who wants to stay mentally and physically fit and still have fun. We have created non-alcohol wine for sportsmen and women, drivers, the health conscious, and the nutritionally conscious, pregnant women, senior citizens, religious observers who are restricted and professionals looking to find a true alternative to alcohol.

What does 'Halal' mean?

Halal is an Arabic word, which means, 'permissible'. In terms of Islamic dietary laws, 'Halal', means that the nutrients have come from permissible sources and are free of any forbidden substances.

What is the difference between other alcohol-free wine and non-alcohol Kevser Tabak™?

At Kevser Tabak™ we are committed to bringing you only the purest halal certified drink, which is 100% non-alcohol, and only contain ingredients from halal sources. Not only are our products certified halal, but our facility and manufacturing practices have also gone through the same rigorous halal certification and are ICRIS & HQC approved and certified. All other alcohol-free wine has a trace of alcohol, usually (0.5%) They may also contain non-halal ingredients and are manufactured in facilities and processes that are not halal certified, thus not satisfying the requirements for approval.

Where is Kevser Tabak™ made?

Our non-alcohol wine, Kevser Tabak™ is made and bottled in Europe, within the EU, West Germany at a purpose built plant.

Where are the *grapes from?

The Kevser Tabak™ range is a Varietal non-alcohol wine. The highest possible quality wine grapes Merlot R E D are sourced from the South West of France (Sud-Ouest) and Chardonnay W H I T E from Eastern France (Bourgogne) *This can also be seasonal, depending on the quality of harvest in a particular year.

Where can I find Kevser Tabak™?

Kevser Tabak™ can be purchased through our website Shop and delivered directly to your door. Also available at a select few fine dining restaurants. Kevser Tabak™ will continue to distribute to establishments around the world, so visit us again for an updated list soon. For worldwide trade enquiries please contact the Sales Team on:

Why contain a halal symbol on your non-alcohol wine?

One of the main reasons we use a halal symbol/logo is to ensure that people of the Muslim faith can identify our products as including ingredients that meet their consumption requirements. We stress that halal certification does not involve any form of blessings or ritual of the actual product/s or production line/s, but ensures the ingredients, processing and manufacturing, as well as the hygiene and sanitation procedures meet the strict requirements for halal. The mission for the halal bodies ICRIC & HQC respectively, is to provide service to the consumer in a manner or accordance with the teaching's' of Islam and within the framework of law. Halal certification is not intended to offend any member of the public or any cultural or religious beliefs and does not prevent other faiths from being able to purchase and consume our products.

Press & Media

The Kevser Tabak™ unique range attracts attention and our story inevitably has a lot of media interest. To help anyone who wants to write about us, please contact us at: and we will do our utmost to assist you.

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